Generative Design Studio

About Us

Duende1 means "a quality of passion and inspiration", and our passion is for art, science, and technology.

We design and create generative systems that utilize computer graphics rendering techniques to produce art within and beyond digital boundaries. Our practices focus on dynamic simulations capable of responding to changes in variables and interactions. The results are about possibilities for us to explore ourselves as artists and developers and invite others to experiment with their artistic sensibilities.

We write our programs primarily in Metal2 to run on iOS and macOS. The language and platform of choice allow us to take advantage of the built-in accelerated hardware and the seamless input systems. From more complexities in real-time performances to hand-motion tracking with depth sensors, all add another layer of depth and meaning to our invention.

The love for technology shapes our ways of thinkings for the art-making process. We want to put it in the hands of spectators and share the excitement. That desire is why we offer such a unique setup, where the audience can interact with the digital version of our installations and bring home physical prints of their creation.

Our small studio is located in Art District, Los Angeles, CA.


  • VORTICE — Fun Relaxing Fluid SimulatorMORE
  • FLUSSO — Mesmerizing Particle SystemMORE


  • 2020stARTup Art Fair – The Kinney, Venice, CA
  • 2019D15 Collection Art Pop-up – Weller Court Shopping Center, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2019Let's Hang Art Show – Art Share LA, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2018Particle Systems Vol.2 Art Show – OPODZ, Los Angeles, CA PHOTOS
  • 2018Particle Systems Vol.1 Art Show – Fishbowl 005, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2018Particle Systems Vol.1 Art Show – OPODZ, Los Angeles, CA PHOTOS